We are pleased to announce that Mandatum Life has joined the Swiss Life Network effective April, 2011.
Mandatum Life is one of Finland’s most respected financial services providers. As part of the successful Sampo Group, the company offers a broad range of services including risk insurance, savings, wealth management, investments, and incentive and reward solutions to both individuals and organizations. Mandatum Life operates both in Finland and across the Baltic.

Backed by the Sampo Group
Sampo plc, a listed company, owns the entire stock of Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited. Sampo Group’s business areas are property and casualty insurance and life insurance under the If and Mandatum Life brands respectively.
Mandatum Life, which was formerly Sampo Life, was established in 1997 as part of the then P&C insurance group Sampo. Sampo’s life insurance business dates back to 1874 when Kaleva, Finland’s oldest life insurance company, was established. In 2008 Sampo Life Insurance Company Limited changed its name to Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited.

A Market Leader in Finland
Today Mandatum Life has an estimated 250,000 individual and 25,000 corporate customers, and covers a total of 470,000 people. The company plays a significant role in Finnish society. Almost 60,000 Finns have a voluntary pension through Mandatum Life in addition to their legally required pension.
Mandatum Life holds a strong market position in the corporate insurance market, with over 60% of the market for group pension insurance, and slightly over 30% of the corporate insurance market, measured by premiums written.

Strong Growth Predicted for Supplementary Schemes
Mandatum Life believes that supplementary corporate pension schemes will increasingly be used to complement the statutory pension scheme in future. Following the pension reform of 2005, there is a clear need to supplement the state pension, not only due to the transfer from a final salary model to a total career accrual model, but also as a result of rising life expectancy. In addition, there is growing awareness by companies of the value of covering their employees through voluntary insurance.

Why Mandatum Life?

• One of the most solvent and respected life insurance companies in Finland
• The market leader in group pension policies
• Active and innovative wealth management
• Personalized service from a designated account manager
• Continuous product development and expertise
• Sophisticated web services for companies and employees
• International services

Regional Co-operation
Together with Swiss Life and Danica Pension,MandatumLife serves its clients on a pan-Nordic level through Think Nordic, an employee benefit concept offering economies of scale, tailor-made products, professional advice, a centralised approach, and simplified administration to Nordic-located companies, whether headquarters or subsidiaries of foreign companies (see information in the Swiss Life Network Newsletter No. 3/2011).

For more information
please visit www.mandatumlife.fi
or contact Riitta Jokelainen, Mandatum Life
E-mail: riitta.jokelainen@mandatumlife.fi
Phone: +358 10 516 7492