The challenge for the company is to find opportunities to let people know about its strengths and capabilities as an employee benefits supplier.
Galicia Seguros recently launched a campaign to communicate with its target market. Since this is already flooded with information, Galicia Seguros looked for a communications strategy to differentiate itself and show it has the creativity to deliver tailor-made solutions for every size of company.

Furthermore, since all companies have their own structures and values, yet are made up of people from different backgrounds and of diverse ages, it is clear that in order to succeed, they need to work together as a big family.

As a result, Galicia Seguros has launched a campaign based on Matrioshkas, which represent wisdom, good luck, long life and family.

The Russian nesting doll “Matrioshka” was created about 100 years ago, based on the Fukuruma dolls of Japan and China. Fuku = luck; roku = riches; ju = long life.
Matrioshkas are made of wood and painted in lively colours. They consist of a set of dolls that fit inside each other. Matrioshkas are said to bring luck to their owners and to represent wishes: when one wish has been fulfilled, the next Matrioshka can be opened.

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