The group life insurance market in Argentina has always taken a traditional approach, with most insurers only offering basic death and disability coverage for employees, extendable to their families.
Innovation in the market: health cover now available with group life
Now Swiss Life Network Partner Galicia Seguros has taken the lead by offering group term life insurance that incorporates additional health coverage. This cover is very uncommon locally, but is of course well-known in other countries.

Two add-on insurance options for corporate clients
Galicia Seguros offers a choice of
- “Total Surgical Complexity” intended for the most highly complex but infrequent surgical interventions
- “Medigap”, which also includes other medium- and low-complexity medical procedures.

Each plan has a set covered amount that is stated in the insurance policy. The coverage provides cash amounts that allow the insured to pay for improved medical services under their medical insurance, to be treated by the doctors of their choice, to meet co-payments and to cover rehabilitation expenses.

The insurance can be taken out with a group term life insurance, or individuals may take health coverage alone.
Please note:
Galicia Seguros changed its name from Galicia Vida in September 2006.