Wiener Städtische is the Swiss Life Network Partner and parent company of Vienna Insurance Group which was recently named “Best Insurance House 2006” by international financial magazine Finance New Europe. The title is one of the Achievement Awards presented by the publication to the best and most innovative financial services companies active in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).
Vienna Insurance Group is the leading Austrian insurer in the CEE and the second largest international insurer in the region. Since 1990 the Group has systematically expanded its operations here through growth and acquisition. It is now active in 17 CEE countries, which generate some 30% of Vienna Insurance Group’s EUR 5 billion premium income. Unlike other insurers, the Group has pursued a highly successful policy of retaining strong local brands under the international Vienna Insurance Group umbrella.

The Group was cited for the top award not only for its excellent results, but also for its successful combination of business activities with a strong commitment to cross-border cultural involvement.

Explains Dr. Günter Geyer, CEO of Vienna Insurance Group: "This award confirms our successful strategy and pioneering approach in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the keys to this success is our unique closeness to the local markets. There is no other Austrian insurer as active as the Vienna Insurance Group in so many CEE countries and with such a high proportion of CEE business."

Wiener Städtische has been a Swiss Life Network Partner since 1975. It is – one of the leading life and pensions providers in the Austrian market.