The new Icatu Seguros brand was launched on June 21, 2010. It marks the acquisition by the Icatu Group of The Hartford’s shares in Icatu Hartford. An exciting new future beckons.
After a positive partnership lasting 14 years, the financial crisis in the United States made The Hartford decide to focus on its domestic market and leave Latin America. As a result, the Icatu Group took over The Hartford’s shares in the Icatu Hartford joint venture, renaming it Icatu Seguros.

The new company is an important achievement for the Icatu Group. The insurer’s values, culture, and solidity will continue to be its main assets. The move also confirms that Icatu Seguros is committed to Brazil and its core business, with high expectations for growth in the life and pension markets.

Icatu Seguros is now strengthening its focus on life and pension business, and has ambitious goals in these segments in Brazil. The company’s strategy is to present financial solutions to cover every life stage. After getting to know the client, they offer a tailor-made life and pension solution, and build a long-term relationship.

Icatu is planning to invest BRL 30 million in high-tech systems and executive training, with the aim of furthering innovation, growth, and client focus.

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