The second Icatu Hartford/Swiss Life Network seminar took place in São Paulo on August 9, with 86 guests participating in a stimulating programme covering one of today’s most important concerns: sustainability. This topic affects not only our private lives but also our professional environment.
The event was opened by José Medeiros, Sales Director of Icatu Hartford, and Margrit Schmid, Head of the Swiss Life Network. Ms Schmid noted: “We all aim in one way or another for sustainable wellbeing, growth and development. Our business model and business content are marked by questions related to sustainability. We are focused on sustainable relationships with our partners and customers, who enable us to grow our businesses in a sustainable manner.”

The highlight of the seminar was the address by two speakers specialized in sustainability: Sérgio Abranches and Clarissa Lins. Sérgio Abranches is a well-known personality in Brazil with several responsibilities, including his role as a commentator on eco-politics on CBN radio. Clarissa Lins is Director of the Brazilian Foundation for Sustainable Development. During the seminar, Mr Abranches focused on environmental concerns and global attitudes, while Ms Lins looked at corporate sustainability.

Highly positive participant feedback from the seminar has ensured that plans are already being drawn up to repeat this outstanding experience.