We are delighted to announce that as of June 2011, Beijing Lizhonghuayuan Technical Service Co. Ltd. (LZ Assist) has joined the Swiss Life Network.

Health and home-related risk management and assistance
Founded in 2007, Beijing Lizhonghuayuan Technical Service Co. Ltd. (LZ Assist) provides health and home-related risk management and assistance services. The company services its numerous customers through a nationwide network of local service providers, using centralised integrated expert service teams, an advanced IT infrastructure, and experience-based risk management data analysis.

Event medical risk-management
As one of the leading companies of its kind in China, LZ Assist was appointed as the exclusive medical-related risk management service company for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Corporate client services
LZ Assist specializes in tailor-made solutions for corporate clients and their employees, providing services that bring help to families and individuals when they need it most. The company delivers special services to expatriates, who may be unfamiliar with local customs and languages, providing the help and solutions they need to deal with unexpected health issues.

The offering ranges from 24-hour medical information by telephone, to outpatient and inpatient appointment arrangement, and home and workplace medical consultations. Employers and employees can select a customised service package to meet their exact requirements. Such offering is a great complement to the employee benefits solutions by China Life and Ping An.

Time and cost savings – greater productivity
LZ Assist’s services help employees to save time and energy when health problems occur. With LZ Assist as their partner, they also save on costs, and enjoy greater peace of mind. For corporations, this translates in turn into happier employees and increased efficiency and productivity.

For more information
please visit the website: www.lzassist.com/EN, or
contact Mr Ben Song, CEO
E-mail: song.haoming@lzassist.com
Phone: +86 10 5925 5188