Seguros Bolívar has received the prestigious National Award for Excellence and Innovation in Management. The award was presented by Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe Velez.
Seguros Bolívar has been recognised for its outstanding practices with the presentation of Colombia’s National Award for Excellence and Innovation in Management. The winners of this award also gain the right to be considered for the Latin American Award for Quality.

Seguros Bolívar’s President, Jorge Enrique Uribe, said: “What makes the company worthy of the prize is the result of years of work, discipline and respect for people. Our company culture is based on human beings, and we have very clear values in addition to our principles, mission and vision.”

He also stated that the company provides great learning opportunities, which translate into knowledge for the employees and productivity-oriented skills. These enable modern management using the latest tools, which ensures excellent service for its clients.

According to Jose Alejandro Cortes, President of the Bolívar Group: ''This award not only fills us with pride, but should also give confidence to those who place their trust in us. We are committed to maintaining world-class practices in all areas, as well as to excellent results and even greater competitiveness.''

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