Seguros Bolívar has won the AIAREC 2009 Award for Colombia and Latin America for its outstanding customer experience management.
Presented with its award at the AIAREC Summit 2009 held in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, towards the end of last year, Seguros Bolívar is the first insurance company in Colombia to receive the award for Best Customer Experience at both national and Latin America levels.

In competition with leading insurance companies in Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico, Seguros Bolívar demonstrated its outstanding relationship with its clients. The award recognises not only the company's commitment to its clients and their beneficiaries, but also the teamwork and rapid response that benefit all who interact with the organisation.

In recent years, Seguros Bolívar has forged a service culture focused on customer emotions, and built a programme aimed at strengthening its employee’s abilities to listen, observe and converse, in order to help clients in an appropriate and timely way.

The company’s “RED322” programme was created in early 2008. “RED322” is a medical service network of more than 3.500 affiliated doctors, 800 hospitals and local diagnostic centres where clients can get advice and information free of charge 24 hours a day by dialling the local extension 322.

It is the first and only network service with a philosophy of care, service and prompt response that solves the needs of users through a team of professionals who have the ability and autonomy to meet any requirement, whether for information, advice or action, regarding the company’s products and services.

Top of Mind
Seguros Bolivar recently won the first place as the most remembered brand in the Colombian Insurance Industry.

Source: “Top of Mind” study by the magazine Revista Dinero published on April 16, 2010

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