Swiss Life Network welcomes Sanitas and GMC Services as new health insurance and administrative services partners to meet the needs of expatriates of multinationals in Switzerland

The Swiss Life Network is pleased to announce that in order to meet the health and assistance needs of international corporations in Switzerland with mobile employees worldwide, as of May 1, 2011, it is now partnering with Swiss health insurer Sanitas and GMC Services in Geneva, the Swiss branch of French third-party administrator GMC Services SA.

Expat solutions now available to Swiss-based companies
Thanks to Swiss Life Network and the solutions and services provided by Sanitas and GMC Services, companies based in Switzerland with expats abroad as well as Swiss-based expat servicing companies now have access to two fully compliant, competitively priced and highly efficient health and assistance products that can be exactly tailored to their needs:

Sanitas Royal
This plan is suitable for employers in Switzerland with employees and their dependents on international assignment outside Switzerland who remain subject to compulsory Swiss health insurance (LAMal/KVG) during the first two years (minimum) of their international assignment.

Sanitas Private International
Suitable for employers in Switzerland with employees and their dependents on international assignment outside Switzerland who are not, or are no longer, subject to compulsory health cover under Swiss health insurance rules (LAMal/KVG) and/or the Free Movement of Persons Agreement with the EU/EEA.

Commenting on the new agreements, Margrit Schmid, Head of the Swiss Life Network, said: “These new partnerships represent a significant step forward in the delivery of expatriate employee benefits, as well as a major milestone in Swiss Life’s mission to provide top-quality employee benefit solutions worldwide.”

About Sanitas
Sanitas Privatversicherung AG
Founded in 1958, Sanitas is one of the five largest health insurers in Switzerland. The company has 750 employees in Switzerland, in offices throughout the country. In 2010, Sanitas had 890,000 insureds on its books, over 2,000 group health contracts, and a premium volume of CHF 2.3 billion. Sanitas specializes exclusively in health insurance, and is committed to helping people live longer and healthier lives. Its flexible and comprehensive product range meets the needs of both corporate and individual clients.

About GMC
GMC Services SA
As part of the Henner Group, a family-owned company established in Paris in 1947, GMC Services provides advisory and administration services to employers and claims management to expatriates, including direct settlement with hospitals and selected outpatient facilities worldwide. The company’s 950 employees from 34 nationalities speaking 36 languages are based in France, Switzerland, Brazil, Tunisia, Kenya and Singapore. The company has also developed partnerships in North America and Asia. GMC Services serves 7,800 companies and groups, and over 1.2 million beneficiaries in France and abroad, including over 232,000 individuals in 192 countries.

About Swiss Life Network
The Swiss Life Network
The Swiss Life Network is a global association of over 50 leading local life insurance companies, known as Network Partners. It offers life and health insurance and pension solutions in over 70 countries and territories worldwide. The Swiss Life Network is the partner of choice for successful organisations – particularly multinational corporations – meeting the challenges of employee benefits for local and mobile populations today.

For more information
please contact Ms. Carmen del Carpio, Swiss Life Network
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