PFA Pension’s slogan is ‘Based on understanding’. The company aims to provide its clients with a thorough understanding of pensions through first-class service and communications based on real customer requirements. In response to client needs, PFA Pension has now developed an online account manager portal which simplifies administration, speeds up policy handling, and uncovers the customers’ pension needs, wishes and risk readiness when it comes to selecting the right market rate product.
Every year, more than 30,000 customers receive personal consultations. In addition, 250,000 customers call PFA’s Customer Service Centre. In both cases, the new account manager portal plays a significant role, particularly as it offers a line of new facilities that allows a greater focus on savings and gives customers a better idea of whether they are saving enough for their retirement.

Risk profile revealed
It is vitally important that customers receive thorough advice when they decide to save at market rate – since the sale of market rate products must be matched with the customer’s readiness to take a larger risk. A significant innovation in connection with the account manager portal is an electronic tool that uncovers the customer’s risk profile so that the recommendation to save at market rate is based on a solid foundation.

Immediate policy updates
Using the new portal, PFA account managers can immediately attend to any changes agreed during a personal consultation. At the PFA Customer Service Centre, the portal has also proved useful when customers enquire about their benefit plan.

Automatic processing increases speed
PFA is reportedly the first large company in Denmark to have developed an account manager portal where a new policy is processed automatically without any further administration, and is forwarded to the customer within a few days. The portal was developed by PFA’s own IT experts with the assistance of external advisers.

Swiss Life Network Partner PFA is one of the leading suppliers of corporate benefit plans in Denmark. One million Danes currently hold one or more of PFA’s pension products, making PFA one of Denmark’s largest life and pension companies.