The Danes’ interest in investment products with a high equity share has increased steadily over the years. Today, six out of ten new customers with Danica Pension opt for a market yield product. Now Danica Pension has added two additional investment profiles to its popular Danica Balance life-cycle product.
Since its introduction in 2005, Danica Pension’s newest retirement savings product based on market yields, Danica Balance, has proved extremely popular. Up to now, more than 40,000 customers have chosen to invest their savings in Danica Balance, which is a so-called life-cycle product where the equity share is gradually reduced the closer the client comes to retirement.

New investment profiles offer opportunities for higher returns
Danica Pension has now launched a new and improved version of Danica Balance which includes two new investment profiles:

- Aggressive equity share – with investments of 100% in equities for a longer period before the equity share is gradually reduced
- High equity share

The two new investment profiles are ideal for investors who wish to invest their funds with more risk, in return for potentially higher yields.

Guarantee against negative returns

Danica Balance provides a guarantee which kicks in 10 years before retirement and secures against a negative return during the entire period.

In addition, Danica Pension now allows customers to opt for a guarantee against negative returns while the pension is in payment. This means a guaranteed minimum payment even though the funds are invested in a market yield product.

With the new possibility of investing in a higher equity share for an extended period, and the opportunity to choose a guarantee applying to the period while the pension is in payment, Danica aims to meet the requirements of its customers at an even higher standard.

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