As a partner of “100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear”, Network Partner PFA Pension is demonstrating its strong belief that our actions today have consequences for tomorrow – be it for the environment, our retirement savings, or our investments.
Much more than just an exhibition
“100 Places to Remember…” is an exhibition of photographs that will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, simultaneously with COP15, the UN Climate Conference, in December 2009. But it is more than just an exhibition: it is a unique project to raise awareness of the long-term consequences of climate change and human influence on this. The 100 places featured have been selected from the endangered locations described in the latest report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC).

PFA Pension is a partner of 100 Places
The ‘100 Places’ project was set in motion by Danish Co+life, which promotes international premium photography through exhibitions and events reflecting human life and living conditions, with a focus on sustainability.

PFA is concerned, because when it invests its clients’ funds, the consequences stretch well beyond national frontiers. So when PFA signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investments (UN PRI) at the beginning of 2009, the company took an important step towards ensuring that climate and environmental considerations are taken into account when investing clients’ savings. Furthermore, PFA has also signed up for the Carbon Disclosure Project, which allows it to access the largest database of corporate climate change information in the world.

Responsible investments PFA Pension is customer-owned, so the objective of its investments is to ensure that their customers receive the highest possible returns. However, it is PFA’s belief that companies that show ethical, social and environmental considerations in their conduct will achieve the highest returns in the long term. At the same time, PFA Pension is aware of its social responsibilities, based on its position as the administrator of a significant portion of Denmark’s pension funds.

By signing UN PRI, PFA has committed to making confidential reports to the UN PRI secretariat, as well as promoting environmental issues, social responsibility, and strong corporate management in connection with investments.

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