Life does not end at retirement, so why should health insurance? In August 2010, PFA Pension launched its first senior health insurance plan, PFA Health Care, which complements the services provided by its PFA Senior subsidiary.
PFA Health Care
In Denmark, around one million employees have private health insurance through their jobs. In most cases, the health plan lapses when the employee retires. The result is a large group of senior citizens now without private healthcare insurance, who have been accustomed to fast access to examinations and treatment when public healthcare waiting lists are too long.

To meet this need, PFA Health Care offers all the benefits and security of a private health insurance plan that helps members live life to the full during retirement. The plan is not simply about illness, but about enjoying good health and continuing to lead an active lifestyle.

PFA Senior
This focus on senior employees and services for older people is not new for PFA Pension. In 2009, it set up its PFA Senior subsidiary, which provides seminars and advisory services to people over 55 years of age who are near to, or have just entered, retirement.

The importance of a company senior policy
For older employees, the transition to the final stages of their career is difficult if there are no targeted initiatives established beforehand. Seniors are valuable employees due to their knowledge and experience, so it is important to ensure that they remain motivated and continue to contribute to corporate productivity and success.

A corporate senior policy helps businesses to retain seniors’ knowledge and skills, and to attract new senior employees who can contribute to company development. With the pension plan a key element of any senior policy, PFA can assist companies to develop a senior policy that fits their needs. To benefit optimally from senior employees’ experience, it is important to nurture them. PFA Pension also provides advisory services with a PFA adviser in the same age group.

Another way to address senior issues is through seminars. Information and preparation are key. In October 2010, PFA Pension introduced new seminar packages for large as well as small companies in all industries. The seminar packages are adjustable to the needs of each company.

PFA Health Care
PFA Health Care offers fast access to the following:
- Treatment, operations, and examinations at private hospitals, clinics and specialists
- Detox programmes for alcohol, prescription medication, or substance abuse
- Chiropractors and physiotherapists
- Acupuncture
- Dieticians
- Psychologists, including emergency counselling
- Rehabilitation
- Recuperation in a convalescent home
- Temporary home help and home nursing care

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