Preventive healthcare is the newest item on the agenda in Denmark. Little wonder, since absence due to illness costs Danish society some DKK 26 billion every year, and around 140,000 Danish employees are reported unfit for work every day.
With preventive healthcare, however, it is possible to actively intervene and prevent minor problems from turning into lifelong illnesses.

PFA Preventive Care
PFA’s latest initiative is a preventive healthcare product named PFA Preventive Care. This targets work-related musculoskeletal conditions, and gives access to treatment from physiotherapists, zone and massage therapists, and chiropractors. It means that clients now have easy access to specialist treatment without obtaining a doctor’s referral first. In order to start treatment, clients simply book the treatment themselves via

Guarantee of quick treatment
With PFA Preventive Care, clients are guaranteed cross-professional treatment for one of the four treatment types within four weekdays. In case of an emergency, treatment is provided within 24 hours.

Personal risk profile
Clients can also have a personal risk profile drawn up which measures cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, BMI and body fat. This provides an overview of their current health and allows early intervention if they could be prone to illness over the long-term due to lifestyle.

Why choose PFA Preventive Care?
The financial value of the product is obvious. Preventive healthcare leads to a decrease in sickness absence – both short- and long-term, fewer job terminations due to illness, as well as fewer disability cases.

Moreover, a preventive healthcare product also helps an employer to become known as a socially responsible company that meets employees’ expectations as an attractive place to work. This helps the work environment to become healthier and employees’ job satisfaction to increase.

Treatment across Denmark
PFA Preventive Care is offered in co-operation with Falck Healthcare, which carries out the treatments. They have a large network of health centres across Denmark, ensuring that there is never more than 30 km to the nearest location for efficient, preventive treatment. It is also possible for companies to establish a clinic at their own offices.

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