It takes top-quality service providers to deliver top-quality, comprehensive and competitive services. At Swiss Life we’re dedicated to ensuring that every Swiss Life Network Partner meets your most demanding requirements – day after day and year after year.
So we are very pleased indeed to celebrate five special Network Partner anniversaries in 2007 – and we look forward to continuing our valuable relationships with these excellent Partners for many years to come.

30 years
Great-West Life, Canada

Established in 1891, Great-West Life is one of the largest insurance companies in Canada, servicing over 34,000 group clients and using its economies of scale to offer a broad spectrum of cost-effective benefits solutions for organizations of all sizes. Rated “AA” by Standard & Poor’s, “Aa3” by Moody's and “A+” by A.M. Best, the company is ultimately owned by Power Corporation of Canada.

Through its subsidiary Canada Life, Great-West Life has been a highly valued member of the Swiss Life Network since 1977. The company offers a wide range of insurance and financial products, and is particularly known for its sophisticated disability management programmes and client-focused internet services.

30 years
Irish Life, Ireland

As the largest life insurance company in Ireland, with a corporate business share of around one third of the market, Irish Life provides life insurance, disability, specified illness and pension policies, as well as investment management services in Ireland. The insurer has an “A+” rating from Standard & Poor’s and is part of the Irish Life & Permanent Group, Ireland’s third largest and most successful financial services group.

Irish Life has been a highly valued member of the Swiss Life Network since 1977. The company pools disability, group life and survivors’ pensions, plus critical illness cover. Irish Life also provides old age plans with a unique range of fund options, as well as unit-linked funds and other financial products.

30 years
Momentum Life, South Africa

As part of financial services giant First Rand Group, Momentum Life offers its clients the benefits of 150 years of experience in group insurance business. Ranked fourth in terms of premium volume in the group benefits market, the company is known for its innovative medical underwriting processes and proactive approach to benefits communication for employees. Momentum offers a broad range of employee benefit coverages and financial products, and is the local industry leader in HIV management and modelling.

As a highly valued member of the Swiss Life Network since 1977, Momentum pools the entire range of group employee benefit risks, and also offers retirement and medical plans. Momentum also provides Alternative Risk Transfer solutions (cell-captive insurance) for group risk business, as well as post-retirement medical aid funding.

20 years
Korea Life, Korea

The oldest life insurance company in Korea, Korea Life is one of the leaders in the local market in terms of group life business and market share. The company underwrites all types of life, endowment, term and annuity risks for both individual and group policies, serving customers through a network of nationwide offices. Korea Life opened offices in Vietnam and Japan (Tokyo) in 2005.

A highly valued member of the Swiss Life Network since 1987, Korea life pools all risk benefits, and also offers old age and endowment plans. The company provides special volume and danger grade discounts on premiums for group term insurance and group medical insurance.

20 years
Ilmarinen, Finland

Ilmarinen is the second largest pension insurer in Finland, holding an almost 33% market share of earnings-related pension insurance premiums, and insuring over 400,000 people. In addition to providing the entire range of old age, disability, survivors’, unemployment and part-time pensions, plus rehabilitation cover, Ilmarinen also offers administrative services to pension funds, foundations and employee investment funds.

A highly valued member of the Swiss Life Network since 1987, Ilmarinen pools old age pensions above the TEL portion, as well as riders. Large employers benefit from volume-based reduced expense charges.