Swiss Life in France has recently launched “Swiss Pass Expat”, a modular solution offering healthcare, assistance, death and disability coverage, as well as liability insurance for the expatriates of multinationals located in France worldwide.
Swiss Pass Expat – your flexible solution

Swiss Life is an expert when it comes to solutions for large companies and multinationals in France. Swiss Pass Expat provides specific options adapted to:

- the situation of the expatriate, to ensure a cover comparable to that of his or her home country;
- the country of expatriation, and thereby take into account the costs of healthcare and the social security system of the host country;
- the expatriate’s status, whereby the expatriate is either registered with the CFE (Caisse des Français à l’étranger) or covered by the compulsory cover of the host country;
- the duration of the assignment, which determines whether or not to transfer and cover the expatriate’s family.

Select from four modules to protect your mobile employees

1) Reimbursement of health costs
Swiss Life offers three formulae and two levels of cover.

- Continental Guarantee, for basic protection
- Planetary Guarantee, for optimal cover
- Universal Guarantee, for maximum protection.

Levels of cover:
- Complete cover: depending on the formula chosen, all health costs are reimbursed
- Complementary cover to social security, the CFE, or the health system of the host country.

2) Assistance for the expatriate and his or her family
The following covers are offered:
- Health assistance (in case of accident or illness)
- Repatriation (in case of accident, illness or death, or major political disturbances in the host country)
- Legal assistance (in case of loss or theft)
- Prevention (medical check before and after the assignment, vaccinations, information on local pathologies, hygiene, etc.)
- Psychological assistance
- Relocation assistance.

3) Death and Disability cover
Comprehensive, flexible short- and long-term disability, death (lump sum and orphans pension), and accidental death cover.

4) Liability insurance
This liability insurance covers consequences of physical and material damage caused by the expatriate.

Swiss Pass Expat from Swiss Life in France is the perfect solution for companies looking for a tailored scheme that meets all their requirements, provides sound advice, and offers an optimal level of protection for their expatriates.

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