With the aim of enhancing the quality of the relationship between companies and their staff, Swiss Life France is offering a new programme to help companies prevent health problems.
Launched in partnership with its affiliate Garantie Assistance and the Institut Moncey (a medical institute), the new programme, dubbed “Entreprise en forme” (keeping the company fit), makes innovative services available to clients in a form designed to reduce absenteeism and encourage preventive measures.

An individualised programme
Each employee and every member of the employee’s family can benefit from a personal preventive programme every year, tailored to their age, sex and medical history. The recommendations are particularly aimed at screen-ing for cancer and cardiovascular disease, and tracking known chronic illnesses, but may also include vaccinations. Every individualised programme is worked out on the basis of a questionnaire which is analysed by computer using a programme that ensures total medical confidentiality. Access by the employee is absolutely secure, through the use of a dedicated website.

Clear medical information

A weekly press review is sent by e-mail to all participants enrolled in the programme, making it possible to draw attention to new treatments or current health issues such as avian flu. The dedicated website enables individuals to find answers to their health questions or to consult information on prevention for specific subjects, e.g. back problems. Furthermore, a call centre provides answers to all medical questions and can give information on particular medications.

Where health is concerned, there’s everything to gain

The “keeping the company fit” programme also offers back-up modules to companies facing management problems leading to stress or sleep disorders (two causes of absentee-ism and poor performance). Targeted coaching on better nutrition or how to stop tobacco use makes it possible to address problems within a company on a daily basis.Programmes like this provide a win-win situation for both parties: employees benefit from a holistic approach to their health needs, and the company now has a way to improve the performance of its staff. Supported by a scientific committee made up of key figures in the French medical community, this totally innovative pro-gramme demonstrates Swiss Life’s determination to lead the way in helping clients manage their health portfolio for life.Indeed, so convinced is Swiss Life France of the benefits that it launched the first programme of this type a few weeks ago for all 2300 Swiss Life employees in France. The title of the new programme? “Swiss Life en forme”. Please contact us to find out how the programme can benefit your company.

For more informationplease visit www.swisslife.fr