Swiss Life is one of the leading providers of life, disability and medical benefits in France. The company has now set its focus on becoming the benchmark provider of long-term personal protection insurance and improved quality of life for its insureds.
Together with its national health network, Swiss Life helps policyholders to maintain their health and deal quickly and efficiently with illness through high quality services and personalized prevention programmes.

Programmes and features
Swiss Life (France) provides a range of special programmes and useful features for corporate clients:

All-in prices
that help policyholders finance 50% of their expenditure on medical prevention not covered by social security, up to an annual limit of EUR 100 or 150. About thirty items are currently covered, including: diet consultations, vaccines against the papilloma virus (for the prevention of cervical cancer), contraceptives, etc.

“Entreprise en forme” - a new programme that offers employees and their family:
- Personal illness-prevention schemes
- Medical press reviews on prevention, plus a list of internet health sites
- Medical telephone assistance providing help and advice.

Quit smoking assistance plan
- Information kits for brokers and clients explaining the new legislation that has prohibited smoking in companies since February 1, 2007
- “Entreprise stop tabac”, a new service for companies that delivers information, advice and support for managing tobacco addiction, including follow-up.

Disability support services - psychological, social and professional assistance for employees who become disabled:
- A psychologist and a professional advisor meet disabled employees who wish to return to work in order to establish a work-reintegration plan
- Medical evaluation of the disability.

Modern health management – the key to greater productivity
Through these activities, Swiss Life is currently assisting numerous companies to develop socially-responsible and cost-effective prevention and health policies for their employees, thus making a real contribution to their productivity and success.

Clearly, these services go far beyond simple refunds of medical costs under an insurance contract. Instead, Swiss Life has introduced a sophisticated and modern health management system that provides a wide range of added value services and creates a health partnership that places every insured individual at the heart of a highly effective system of prevention, care and support.