The Swiss Life Network has been working for several years with Fresenius Group, the world’s largest provider of dialysis products and services for individuals with chronic kidney failure and one of the leading providers of infusion therapy and clinical nutrition. Although Fresenius companies are free to place their benefits where they wish on the local insurance market, the corporate Headquarters provided Swiss Life with contacts at their subsidiaries in Chile, Brazil and Colombia, and were clearly supportive of Swiss Life Network’s efforts to increase their multinational pool.
In Brazil Fresenius Group has three subsidiaries with about 850 employees each. Swiss Life Network Regional Manager for Latin America Daniel Dubach contacted each firm and organized a joint meeting in São Paulo for the companies’ employee benefit managers. The international broker was also invited.

The competitive offer wins
Following the meeting, Icatu Hartford, our Brazilian Network Partner, prepared a highly competitive offer covering death and disability risks for all 2,500 employees. But we could only honour the offer if all three parties accepted. Meanwhile Fresenius Medical Care also invited two large US providers to make an offer. It made no difference. The Swiss Life Network was awarded all three contracts.

Advantages for all parties

This was a clear win-win situation for everyone involved. Fresenius gained a more attractive insurance solution with additional cost advantages as well as the opportunity to gain international dividends; the Swiss Life Network and Icatu Hartford wrote new business; and the international broker, who already served two of the firms, won a new client. We are now looking at the pension area.

Although it took rather longer in Santiago de Chile, there was a similar experience here. Fresenius was able to expand its multinational pool and Chilean Network Partner Seguros Cruz del Sur won three new clients. We are still working on Colombia, where we expect to make a new offer in Spring 2007.