Assekurata provides consumers with ratings and rankings of insurers active in Germany. In the agency’s latest analysis of the market for 2010, Swiss Life Germany once again received an A grade for overall quality.
Surveys of both clients and intermediaries were used to judge Swiss Life in 2010, and according to the Cologne-based agency: “In both cases, the company was able to improve its ratings to the next level, which indicates an improvement in the quality of its services.” In addition, the agency raised its rating of Swiss Life Germany’s security, based on its findings regarding the management’s security consciousness, and its high level of self-capitalisation.

Assekurata also noted that the Swiss Life Group’s MILESTONE restructuring programme should enable the company’s profitability and cost efficiency to rise, and also increase its competitiveness.

The overall rating by Assekurata is made up of five different elements, each of which is central to meeting customer expectations of their insurer.

Here is a summary of the individual quality ratings:
Security: very good
Client focus: very good
Success: good
Growth/attractiveness in market: good
Profit sharing/performance: totally satisfactory

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