To meet its customers’ increasing demands for timely and professional service, Sun Life is launching a new e-service platform for employers and their insured employees. Enhanced medical plans for SMEs are also scheduled to launch in 2011.
New group e-services
Sun Life’s new group e-service platform will offer employers and employees 24/7 access to updated information on benefits, claims, and network medical providers.

The new e-service for employers will help them better monitor and administer their plans. The Sun Life eService will also allow employers to become the primary source of plan information for employees, offering health information and privileged top-up benefit offers, with the aim of driving employee engagement and benefits awareness.

An “on the go” mobile accessible version is also available, enabling members to use the new e-services whenever and wherever they wish.

Expanded medical providers network
Sun Life has also expanded its panel provider network to approximately 1,400 medical doctors providing insured members with greater choice and convenience of access by ensuring a sufficient number of medical providers within various geographic districts.

Product revamp – group medical packaged plan for SMEs
The majority of Hong Kong’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) currently do not to offer group benefits (life and medical) to their employees. This is due to various reasons, such as a lack of affordably-priced products to fit their requirements.

To address this situation, Sun Life launched a new group life packaged plan in October 2010, customised to meet the needs of Hong Kong SMEs. In 2011, Sun Life will also enhance its group medical packaged plan to meet SMEs’ needs, by providing affordable products with comprehensive coverage and flexible product options.

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