In response to the current economic situation and consumer demand, Kotak Life Insurance has introduced several unique initiatives to encourage cautious investors to invest in capital guarantee ULIPs. Apart from launching an interactive website, the company plans to aggressively promote the capital guarantee products in many ways. Capital guarantee ULIPs from Kotak Life Insurance offer the dual benefits of capital protection and potential returns.
The concept of capital guarantee
Unit linked capital guarantee plans offer investors an opportunity for long-term capital appreciation through exposure to the equity markets, while protecting their capital from downside risk. Simply put, these plans promise to return at least the premium paid by the individual on maturity, thus providing risk-averse investors with an avenue for equity investment and real wealth creation, coupled with peace of mind.

Kotak Life Insurance’s suite of capital guarantee products
Kotak Life Insurance introduced its first capital guarantee product in 2003, called the Kotak Safe Investment Plan. The company subsequently introduced additional innovative products of this kind.

Most plans in the market maintain a high debt-oriented portfolio to keep risk low. This can compromise returns and astute financial planning. Kotak Life Insurance’s capital guarantee plans offer higher equity exposure of up to 80%, ensuring that investors benefit from stock market upside returns.

Recent initiatives to inform clients
Kotak Life has recently launched an interactive website called supported by an aggressive marketing campaign.

According to Elizabeth Venkataraman, Head Marketing, Kotak Life Insurance, “Capital guarantee lets an investor achieve the dual objectives of safety as well as returns. It addresses the current sentiments of customers who are seeking avenues for investment at a time of volatile equity markets. The website is aimed at educating customers about investment options that are not only safe, but can also provide good returns.”

The website offers information and tips on investing, educating customers on how Kotak Life Insurance products can provide solutions to their investment dilemmas.

Kotak Life Insurance has launched a pan-country print, outdoor and internet campaign which, together with the website, aims to increase awareness of the advantages of capital guarantee plans among investors.

Capital guarantee is applicable to the Kotak Safe Investment Plan II with five times cover for ages 0 to 65 years for a regular payment term, and up to age 50 for a limited payment term; and to the Kotak Retirement Income Plan (unit linked without cover) for ages 18 to 65 years and a policy term of 15 years or more. Life cover is not available with the Kotak Retirement Income Plan (unit linked without cover). Please refer to the specific product brochures and policy document for details on all terms and conditions. Capital guarantee is applicable after three years of premium payments.

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