Irish Life is the leading provider of income protection coverage in the Irish market, providing insurance to 275,000 people. The company currently has 2,300 claims in payment, and pays out total benefits of EURO 45 million each year.
Irish Life’s services go much further than simply paying out benefits. The company works closely with employers, providing advice and assistance on all aspects of managing absenteeism and claims. The aim is to pay genuine claims quickly and efficiently, and to assist as many employees as possible to return to work. As this improves a scheme’s income protection experience, it ultimately reduces employers’ premiums.

Irish Life recognises the importance of maintaining a long-term relationship with each income protection claimant. The relationship extends from managing claims efficiently to offering rehabilitation and retraining options, as well as trained help and advice. All services are offered with the objective of restoring physical, mental, social and occupational capability as quickly and as fully as possible.

Home visits
Irish Life employs four health claims advisors who work solely on home visits. These carried out 700 visits in 2007, and are on target for a similar number in 2008. 300 visits were for pending claims, and 51 were to offer rehabilitation.

Income protection rehabilitation

The company currently offers six rehabilitation programmes. These cater for mental health problems, back pain, neck pain and cancer. They also offer a case management service and a career change programme. Over 225 claimants have completed an Irish Life rehabilitation programme so far. To date, 41% of claimants who completed a rehabilitation programme in 2008 have returned to work. Typically, programmes cost about EURO 3,000 per claimant, but can be up to EURO 6,000 (fully funded by Irish Life).

Client meetings
Irish Life has three technical managers who are available to meet employers to discuss claims and back to work opportunities: Adrian Cardiff (Director), Niall Hussey (Manager) and Shane Goggin (Manager).

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