The Danica Pension group opened its doors in Sweden in 1999 under the name Danica Fondförsäkring. The Swedish subsidiary has now changed its name to Danica Pension.
The new name is not only simpler; it also better reflects the company’s total offer. Danica Pension provides pension schemes, private pension insurance, endowment insurance and portfolio bonds*, and works with an independent range of funds through Danske Bank.

Danica Pension is proud to have helped develop the Swedish market through introducing and fighting for clients’ interests, including the right to move pension capital between different pension companies. Today Danica Pension in Sweden has approximately 2,500 corporate customers and 60,000 private customers, with capital under management of about SEK 7 billion.

Danica Pension’s products are distributed through Danske Bank and independent pension brokers.

The name change does not affect the company’s ownership. On the contrary, the relationship with the Danish parent company is now even clearer. Danica Pension is a Swedish company owned by Denmark’s biggest life insurance company of the same name.

Danica Pension in Denmark is a leading provider of pension schemes for Danish companies, and also insures individuals. Danica Pension is part of the Danske Bank group, one of the largest financial groups in the Nordic countries, with around 24,000 employees.

*A portfolio bond is a structure that combines an insurance contract and a bank account to create a holding vehicle for an investor through which they can invest in many different types of investment. All investment instruments can be considered for ongoing investment purposes as long as the instrument’s value can be quantified; this would include almost everything from bonds to physical property