The Luxembourg HR community has paid tribute to the quality of Swiss Life’s pension solutions by presenting it with the Best Compensation & Rewards Solution Award.

By giving Swiss Life the Best Compensation & Rewards Solution Award for 2010, human resources (HR) professionals in Luxembourg have not only honoured Swiss Life’s performance, but also confirmed the importance of supplementary pension solutions as a form of extra-legal remuneration.

The success of supplementary pension plans has been reinforced both by the recent economic crisis and by the weakening of statutory retirement systems. The former has forced HR managers with tighter budgets to look for more efficient means of remuneration; the latter has increased demand for supplementary 2nd pillar pension solutions.

Swiss Life is once again ahead of the game among pension solution providers. The jury, composed exclusively of HR managers, highlighted the numerous information, decision-making and management support tools provided by Swiss Life. These included pension surveys, the launch of a website for HR managers, and the development of a benchmark for supplementary pension plans in the Grand Duchy.

Once again, Swiss Life has confirmed its position as a leading group pension insurer in the Luxembourg market.

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