Swiss Life is using its position as Luxembourg’s leading group life insurance provider to offer an exclusive new tool for HR departments that benchmarks supplementary pension schemes in the Grand Duchy.

Since Swiss Life has the broadest group insurance and pension client portfolio in Luxembourg, it is the only insurer capable of offering comprehensive information on supplementary pension schemes. The new Swiss Life Benchmark paints a picture of the supplementary pension schemes offered by Luxembourg employers to their employees, based on the total universe of group insurance contracts managed by Swiss Life.

Created in response to client demands for such a tool, Swiss Life Benchmark offers an innovative and highly attractive additional service to clients.

An invaluable HR tool
In the same way that companies cannot afford to ignore changing market trends, HR departments also need a better understanding of the employment market that they operate in. In this respect, Swiss Life Benchmark is an invaluable tool for establishing HR strategy and for making decisions on supplementary pension schemes.

Swiss Life Benchmark enables employers to:
- access information on Luxembourg trends regarding a key component of the salary package: the supplementary pension scheme;
- assess the competitiveness of their offering to employees;
- use their supplementary pension scheme to attract applicants or enhance staff loyalty.

How it works

By filtering the information by business sector and number of scheme affiliates, employers can ensure that comparisons are always relevant. They can consult the information by adopting one of the following as a basis for comparison:

- features of the scheme: this section provides general information, i.e. plan design, waiting periods before affiliation, or the final vesting of rights and financing options;
- benefits: the level of retirement, death or disability benefits offered by employers to staff;
- costs: the cost of the scheme for the employer, both overall and broken down by scheme content.

Each client company receives a personalised DVD containing the tool, which specifically identifies their company so that they can more easily assess the competitiveness of their offering.

A reflection of Swiss Life’s core values
The new tool perfectly embodies Swiss Life’s values. By being attentive to the needs of HR departments, and without imposing a pre-determined view of their requirements, Swiss Life can offer clients the most appropriate assistance with establishing and implementing a suitable HR strategy.

In this way, by monitoring insurance solutions and providing cutting-edge solutions and tools, Swiss Life is clearly demonstrating its market-leading expertise. Furthermore, the Swiss Life Benchmark is a concrete example of the insurer’s commitment to providing transparent information – a commitment that Swiss Life will renew through regular updates to the information.

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