We are happy to announce that Danica Pensjon norway has joined the Swiss Life network as a network Partner as of May 1, 2006.
Danica Pensjon is the Norwegian subsidiary of Danish Network Partner Danica Pension, which bought the Trondheim-based company in 2004 from Norwegian Network Partner Vital. (Vital was required to sell the company in order to gain permission to merge with Gjensidige Life.)

New legislation in Norway requires all employers to provide pensions for their employees. As part of the Danica Pension Group, Danica Pensjon is well-placed to meet this new need, using its parent’s extensive experience in serving multinational clients, while offering its own competitive advantages in fund management and professional customer service.

Danica Pensjon offers pensions in the commercial and private sectors, as well as insurance. Premiums for 2005 were CHF 120 million (NOK 600 million). The company has 70,000 individual clients and 300 clients in the commercial sector, with 100 new corporate clients becoming customers in the last six months.

In the commercial area, the company offers defined contribution plans, disability pensions, premium waiver and orphans’ pensions. More products, including group life, are planned. Along with distribution through brokers and Fokus Bank, the company has its own sales force spread throughout Norway.

For more information, please visit www.danica.no