Beyond offering exceptional service, companies use loyalty programmes to increase client preference for their services. But to be successful, these programmes must be different, deliver true added value for clients, and be profitable for the company.
Aseguradora Mundial believes that it is important to increase client satisfaction, promote direct contact with each client, and offer genuinely added value services.

The company’s loyalty programme is designed to improve quality of life in the medical and health area. Aseguradora Mundial’s Dr. in Minutes (“Dr. En Minutos”) service delivers home medical attention, available 24/7, which provides medical assistance whenever the client’s health or that of his/her family requires it. Dr. in Minutes includes medical advice by phone and in person, home visits, transport to hospital, and more.

Aseguradora Mundial’s strategic alliance with the medical services supplier enables it to offer the programme through a capitation scheme with a cap on fees, which in turn reduces the level of monthly premiums. While take-up of the service is relatively small so far, clients are impressed by the offer, which is communicated at every contact with the company and its intermediaries. This is having a positive effect on perceptions of the company, and this in turn is proving valuable in terms of client loyalty for Aseguradora Mundial.

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