The Board of Directors of the Bols Pension Fund has decided to transfer its pension scheme to Zwitserleven.
It was not only the enthusiastic and thorough approach during the tender that led Bols to put its trust in the Swiss Life Network’s Partner in The Netherlands. In addition, Zwitserleven designed a new product for Bols: a group insurance scheme that covers annual increases in pension entitlements by the real inflation rate.

Lucas Bols is the oldest distillery in the world, founded in Amsterdam in 1575. Owned until recently by French multinational Remy-Cointreau, in March 2006 Bols brands including Sambuca, Coebergh and Pisang Ambon were sold to a private company.The pension fund, officially named ‘Stichting Pensioen-fonds Erven Lucas Bols’ will be dismantled within a short period of time, leading to the transfer of all pension schemes to Zwitserleven.

Contract with Zwitserleven
The most important part of the contract concerns the accrued pensions for 1,700 ex-employees. The pension fund will pay a lump sum to Zwitserleven, in exchange for which Zwitserleven will insure payment of the pensions, including a guaranteed annual increase of 65% of the European inflation rate.

In addition, Zwitserleven will insure the future pensions of Bols employees against receipt of an annual premium.

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