First Life has two reasons to celebrate in 2009 – its 50th anniversary and the launch of a new name for the company.
First Guarantee Life Assurance Co., Inc is now First Life Financial. The name change reflects the company's evolution from an insurance company focused solely on protection to a company involved in diverse financial services, including insurance and investments.

According to President and CEO Peter Coyiuto, “First Life will evolve into a company that provides a full range of financial products, making it a Filipino brand leader in both the growth and the protection of clients’ wealth.”

Alongside the change of name, First Life will also celebrate its 50th anniversary with special events and activities to highlight the company's legacy of service to its clients, agency force, employees and the community.

One special activity will be First Life’s donation to its charity project Bless the Children (BTC). First Life President Peter Coyiuto said, “We build a legacy by what we believe in, by who we are, and by what we do to others. We believe that we will realize the profound meaning of legacy with this unique opportunity to give back, not only to our clients but to the community at large, and this will be done through BTC and our donation to help Filipino children.”

First Life plans to release a special 50th anniversary executive diary and hold an appreciation party for clients. A major communication campaign is also planned for 2009.

Founded in 1959, First Life belongs to the progressive Coyiuto Group of companies. One of the leading Philippine life insurance companies, the company has been a member of the Swiss Life Network since 1996.

The Swiss Life Network congratulates Network Partner First Life on its 50th anniversary.

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