The aim of this exciting new initiative is to promote debate on current hot topics in the employee benefits field.
VidaCaixa Previsión Social is the sponsor of an innovative on-line forum on employee benefits at This is a discussion space to exchange views on the many questions currently debated in the field of “second pillar” employee benefits.

The forum is supported by the business newspaper Expansión and by Adecose, the leading association of professional insurance brokers in the Spanish market. Experts in every subject will be taking part.

Every quarter, will start three lines of debate on different themes. In the first forum, from April to June, experts discussed various aspects of health insurance. From July to October, the debate is on the commissions monitoring employee pension plans.

Anyone can join in and add their ideas or vote. To take part in the debates, simply sign up and then use the identification codes that the forum automatically sends you.

At the end of each forum and before the next theme begins, the conclusions will be drawn up and placed on the website.

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