The Spanish public health system currently covers the entire population. It is entirely paid by the state, with no direct costs charged to citizens. Despite this, over nine million people are insured privately, thus gaining access to high quality services while avoiding waiting lists for public health services and ensuring their own choice of doctor.
Private health insurance in Spain
The most common contracts involve health insurance within a predefined medical network. However, Spain is different to other countries in Europe in the way health insurance works. For example, clients receive medical services directly throughout the country from networks of doctors and hospitals, without having to pay upfront. This is in contrast to the reimbursement schemes of Europe and America.

The market is highly concentrated in Spain, with 75% of customers insured by less than 15 insurance companies. The reason for this is the concentration of expertise, and the high value placed on the quality of medical networks and their presence around the country.

VidaCaixa Salud accesses a superior network

VidaCaixa offers one of the best medical networks in Spain, and manages over a million health insurance services each year. VidaCaixa’s extensive network involves over 33,000 doctors and 1100 medical centres, including 400 private hospitals. It operates in all provinces in Spain, as well as the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, and cities of Ceuta and Melilla (in North Africa).

VidaCaixa Salud provides the widest range of medical coverages available, including:
- Primary care
- Emergencies (also home service)
- Diagnostics (no limits per visit nor per session)
- Preventive medicine:
- Hospitalization: including Intensive Care Unit with no time limit
- Psychiatry
- Dental
- Podiatry
- Ambulance services
- Psychotherapy
- Internal prosthesis
- Special treatments including chemotherapy, speech therapy, etc.

Additional services include:
- Second medical opinion
- Medical advice: free qualified medical support by phone 24/365
- Pre- and post-natal services
- Travel health insurance

Special coverages offered only by VidaCaixa Salud
- PET / CAT scan
- Psychotherapy for eating disorders
- Laser therapy for dermatology
- Genetic confirmation testing for diagnosis of illnesses

Advantages for employers
Health insurance for employees is a social benefit that is greatly appreciated by employees and contributes to building staff loyalty. Such plans also generate potential savings for the company, as they avoid employees having to wait for doctors, and thus reduce worker absenteeism.

Advantages for employees
Premiums are more advantageous under collective contracts, and families can be included at a lower price if the premium is paid by the company. Corporate health insurance also helps employees avoid paperwork and save time.

Tax benefits
For employers: The global cost of the insurance is tax deductible for the company (no limits on the amount). Insurance premiums are not included when calculating contributions to social security.

For employees: The cost of medical insurance is not considered payment in kind or income from employment. As a result, it is not taxable (up to legally-established limits: EUR 500 per person annually, with the possibly of including the employee's family).

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