Mumbai, India, was the venue for the 3rd Asian Life Insurance Summit held at the beginning of May. With the theme “The New Normal: New Growth Opportunities and New Risks for the Life Industry”, the two-day event brought together 106 delegates with leading local, regional and global life players from fifteen countries to address critical issues and the key challenges facing the life insurance markets in Asia today.
The Swiss Life Network was represented at the summit by Margrit Schmid, CEO Corporate Solutions, and by Swiss Life Network Partner for India Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life.

In a presentation entitled “Social Responsibility and Demography as a Strategic Driver for the Life and Pensions Market”, Margrit Schmid set out the key challenges facing employers today, which are heavily impacted by demography and social responsibility:

- a highly competitive labour market
- growing demands for transparency, information and benefits education

In her far-reaching presentation, Ms Schmid described how employers are increasingly requested to comply with social responsibility requirements, and explained that appropriate workplace pension and employee benefit solutions are not only part of the answer, but can also turn employee benefits into employer benefits. (Please turn to the article on “Social responsibility and demography” in this newsletter for more details of the arguments.)

During the summit, delegates also heard from Mr G Murlidhar, Chief Operating Officer at Kotak, who gave his views on the Indian Life Insurance Market.

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