Swiss Life Belgium focuses exclusively on the pensions market and is committed to the future of those it insures. Because we are keen to contribute also to the public debate on this subject, we will hold our second annual conference on pensions later in 2006.
The event will take place on November 9 in Brussels and will provide a platform for leading figures and experts to express their ideas on the subject of pensions. This year's discussion will focus particularly on how economic growth is related to pension sustainability.

In line with this, we will open the conference with a presentation on the pensions system in China, a country recording substantial economic growth but also facing major demographic challenges. A leading European figure and a Belgian professor will then present ideas on how to approach the subject in "old Europe", where economic growth is limited.

As last year, the meeting will bring together participants from the financial sector, employer and labour representatives, politicians, leading academics, European institutions and the major national and international media. Everyone will be able to express their views during the open discussion at the end of the event.