Health is a top priority in France, where concerns about health and the quality of healthcare rank third after unemployment and the financing of retirement pensions in the list of things people are most worried about. Today, 94% of the French population have supplementary health coverage in addition to social security. Of these additional plans, 40% are provided by employers and the remaining 60% through individual insurance contracts.
Swiss Life France is very active in the French healthcare market, where thanks to its innovative solutions and highly efficient multi-channel distribution system, it currently holds the number two position.

Swiss Life launches Swiss santé – ma formule
To stay ahead in the market and continue to match clients’ needs in the most effective and efficient manner, Swiss Life France has developed a new modular healthcare solution that not only takes into account ongoing reductions in social security health benefits, but also provides a choice of levels of cover for each category of health coverage. This innovative approach is in response to the fact that in France, health accounts for an average of 3.5% of the family budget. In addition, the new plan also benefits from improved services from Carte Blanche, which offers the services of some 80,000 health and assistance professionals to policyholders.

Improved employee benefit structure strengthens services
To further strengthen the comprehensive employee benefits offered by Swiss Life France, the company will combine all its life and health know-how and experience into a unified new department, which will also help ensure that multinationals receive the first-class employee benefit solutions they require both in France and abroad.

Swiss Life France – the health and assistance provider for the new Swiss Life Expat Select solution
With its extensive expertise in health protection and its sound international experience as a Swiss Life Network Partner of over 40 years, Swiss Life France has been chosen to provide the health and assistance modules of the recently-launched Swiss Life Expat Select solution for expatriates. As a result, Swiss Life France’s innovative and flexible solutions are now available to an even wider global market.

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