Across the globe, companies must tackle new and complex regulations, navigate risks, and improve corporate governance, all while improving efficiency, increasing transparency, and enhancing shareholder value. As such, multinational corporations have become increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining the timeliness, accuracy and transparency of services, and the quality of reported information. Companies must also find effective ways to respond to more stringent accountability standards.
The Swiss Life Network has always been committed to meeting – and surpassing – the performance levels required by our clients. As part of our endeavours to provide services of the highest quality, the Swiss Life Network is proud to announce the implementation of newly developed standards of service, effective from January 1, 2010. Using these standards, Swiss Life aims to address many of the critical issues facing our clients listed above.

The service standards comprise a range of key commitments by Swiss Life and its network partners regarding the quality and effectiveness of service delivery to clients. The standards include maximum response times for establishing proposals and contracts, sharing of documentation, claims handling, and settlement of accounts.

Thomas Lienert, Head of Sales at Corporate Solutions, Swiss Life, strongly believes in the importance of excellent customer service and is convinced that Swiss Life’s clients will appreciate these new standards.

While the areas covered by the service standards will gradually be expanded, as of the date of publication of this newsletter, the standards already apply in the vast majority of countries covered by the Swiss Life Network around the world.