This year’s Swiss Life Network Conference, held in Montreux from October 1 to 3, brought together Network Partners from around the world to discuss sales and coordination, as well as share expert information on employee benefit developments in various regions and countries.

We were particularly delighted to welcome a representative from New Life Yasam Sıgorta of Turkey, our recent Network Partner. Saner Üstünel, Executive Consultant International Operations, joined us for his first Network Conference, and agreed to share his impressions with us.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think back to the Network Conference?
Saner Üstünel: I gained very interesting and useful information about international employee benefits, and also had a wonderful opportunity to make contact with business colleagues from different countries, which is very important for our future activities.

Did your participation change your view of the Swiss Life Network?
Saner Üstünel: My view of the Swiss Life Network did not change, but my opinion was confirmed: we are part of a very strong network, and this will help us greatly to develop business with multinational companies in Turkey.

What was the most important session for you at the Network Conference?
Saner Üstünel: The Network Conference was beneficial for me all the way through. It is difficult to make a choice, as each session highlighted a different aspect, and all of them were interesting and valuable. And I was very pleased that my own presentation was well received by the audience.

What are your conclusions after attending the presentations by our multinational clients?
Saner Üstünel: I saw that multinational clients are focused on quality of service, flexibility and transparency, as well as low costs worldwide. I was proud to hear that from the client point of view, the Swiss Life Network provides very good service around the globe. The clients had no complaints about the Network, which shows that we have a very strong team of Network Partners. It also demonstrates that the selection process for Network Partners is working well.

Did you enjoy the Sales Performance Awards ceremony? Will you strive to be one of the laureates in future?
Saner Üstünel: I enjoyed the awards ceremony very much. We will work hard and try to win awards in at least one category – if not several. I think it’s prestigious for a Network Partner to receive an award, so we’ll try hard to become a laureate next year.

What would you like to say to colleagues around the world who have never attended a Network Conference?
Saner Üstünel: Our business is not something you can do just by using technology: our business demands good personal relationships. So you can only succeed when you meet people in person and discuss business issues face to face. I would recommend everyone to attend the Network Conference and share this valuable experience.

During the conference it was Bayram, an important public holiday in Turkey, when families gather together to celebrate. Was this your first time away from your family during the holiday? How did you feel about this?

Saner Üstünel: Yes, I was away for the first time in my life, but it was pure coincidence. Bayram means “reunion with the family”, and I was pleased to spend these three days with my new international network family.