The Swiss Life Network Board (SLNB) was officially constituted during its first meeting in Zurich on June 21.
Established in response to market developments that increase the need for closer partnership between all Network Partners – including non-Swiss Life companies - and Swiss Life HQ, the objectives of the SLNB are to:

- provide a platform for Network Partners to discuss Network strategy
- help ensure that agreed sales processes are implemented
- contribute input on individual Network Partner requirements
- build opinion on future developments
- influence the direction of the Network.

The new body is designed to ensure that local and international trends and needs can be more effectively incorporated into Swiss Life Network strategy, and to maintain the competitiveness and leading market position of both the Swiss Life Network and its local Network Partners.

As a forum for Network Partners, the SLNB is chaired by the Head of Swiss Life Network and consists of up to 14 Network Partner members appointed for 2-year terms.

Since not all Network Partners can be on the SLNB simultaneously, board members will represent other Network Partners in the same geographic region. In addition, all Network Partners not on the SLNB are invited to contribute their ideas and opinions directly or indirectly to the SLNB.

The SLNB will meet twice a year, each time hosted by a different Network Partner.

Board members 2006-2007
Danica Pension, Denmark
Fort Dearborn Life, United States
Icatu Hartford, Brazil
Kooperativa, pojist´ovna, a.s., Czech Republic
PFA Pension, Denmark
Swiss Life Prévoyance et Santé, France
Swiss Life, Switzerland
UnumProvident, United Kingdom
VidaCaixa, Spain
Vital, Norway
Zwitzerleven, Netherlands