As the Swiss Life Network’s Regional Manager for Latin America, Daniel Dubach relishes the task of developing the Network in this vast region.
Daniel has worked at Swiss Life Headquarters in Zurich since 2001, taking on increasing responsibility for Latin America, where he’s now a welcome and frequent visitor to Network Partners and clients in Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Venezuela.

Although Swiss born and educated, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, Daniel speaks fluent Spanish (in addition to German, English and French) and has always been fascinated by Latin America. “It’s like a virus,” he says, “there’s no antidote! I really like the people; they’re so open and it’s so easy to get to know them.” He laughs: “It’s totally different from Europe!”

When not traveling abroad, Daniel enjoys cycling to work in Zurich whenever he can. He spends most of his time at the office in close contact with Network Partners and his clients by telephone and e-mail. The days can be long. Depending on the time of year, Switzerland can be from three to seven hours ahead of Latin America. So Daniel can sometimes only reach people quite late in the evening.

Fortunately, Daniel enjoys the challenge of long days and even longer trips. He’s also convinced of the importance of long-term relationships with clients and Network Partners. “We’re a very stable Network – on average our Partners have been with us for 17 years – not bad for today’s “short-term” culture. It brings important advantages for our clients – they can be confident we know what we’re doing!”

But Daniel also welcomes change: “What I love about my job is the chance to visit clients and Partners in different countries, climates, markets and cultures. Of course, it means I have to stay flexible at all times. But I also really enjoy working with our Network Partners to help my clients find the solutions they need. That can call for a lot of creativity and flexibility too.”

Back home in his spare time, Daniel is keen on badminton. He also likes hiking in the mountains, and has just started taking along his five-year old daughter. Now he’s looking forward to buying a second pair of mini-hiking boots – this time for his almost two-year old son. And as for his passion for Latin America – it’s evident in his private life too: Daniel’s wife is from Columbia!