Lucerne was the setting for the most recent Swiss Life Network Conference held on September 26 to 28, 2007, at which Network Partners from around the world gathered to discuss sales and coordination issues. The event also offered expert information on employee benefit developments in various regions and countries. As an added bonus, three customers and two brokers provided an insight into their needs and requirements from the Swiss Life Network.

We were delighted to welcome several new members of the Swiss Life Network who attended the Conference for the first time and asked the following participants to share their impressions with us: Daniel Cassieri, Sales Director, Galicia Seguros S.A., Argentina; Dana Vásquez, Marketing & Sales Manager, Aseguradora Mundial S.A., Panama; and Marcelo Assunção, Sales Director for Corporate Business, Icatu Hartford Seguros S.A., Brazil

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think back to the Network Conference?

Daniel Cassieri (Galicia Seguros): I received interesting and useful information about market trends and pooling strategies. Furthermore I had the opportunity to develop very important personal and business relationships. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere congratulations on your conference organisation, and say how much I enjoyed this year’s special celebration.

Dana Vásquez (Aseguradora Mundial): It showed the potential of being a Network Partner and the commitment of the Swiss Life Network to supporting Network Partners to generate new business.

Marcelo Assunção (Icatu Hartford): A great chance to get an update on the latest developments in the employee benefit market, prospects, customers and best practices.

Did your participation change your view of the Swiss Life Network?

Daniel Cassieri (Galicia Seguros): This participation confirmed our opinion about the strong potential of the Swiss Life Network and the business opportunities it offers.

Dana Vásquez (Aseguradora Mundial): Yes, I have learned how important collaboration with sales executives from the Swiss Life Network is, in order to get relevant information about clients.

Marcelo Assunção (Icatu Hartford): Since this is my first time at the Network Conference, I would not call it a change, but an improvement of my overview of the good opportunities and partnership ahead due to the great team and organization of the Swiss Life Network.

What was the most important session for you at the Network Conference?

Daniel Cassieri (Galicia Seguros): I think the client and broker presentations were the most important sessions.

Dana Vásquez (Aseguradora Mundial): Friday was the most important session, because for the first time we had personal meetings with sales executives of the Swiss Life Network, and we were able to discuss sales cases. It was important for us to obtain more information on clients.

Marcelo Assunção (Icatu Hartford): All the discussion panels were very interesting, but the Marketplace brings real life to the concept of network pooling. There’s no doubt, this is a great part of the Conference.

What are your conclusions after attending the presentations of our multinational clients?

Daniel Cassieri (Galicia Seguros): The local Swiss Life Network clients focus on low costs, whereas the multinational client headquarters are also looking for modular options, flexibility and transparent reports on all the employee benefit programs running in their subsidiaries.

Dana Vásquez (Aseguradora Mundial): For multinational clients pooling is very important. One key for customers is to increase knowledge about the pool in their country and how it works. The headquarters of the multinational clients are an important part of this strategy.

Marcelo Assunção (Icatu Hartford): I got a clear picture of the great relationship between Swiss Life Network headquarters and our customers. I saw how satisfied they are with our work and the importance of the Swiss Life Network to them as preferred providers.

Did you enjoy the Sales Performance Awards ceremony? Will you strive to be one of the laureates in the future?

Daniel Cassieri (Galicia Seguros): It’s a good challenge for us. I hope we can achieve a successful performance just like our colleagues from Latin America.

Dana Vásquez (Aseguradora Mundial): Yes, we enjoyed the Sales Performance Awards ceremony and we are working very hard to receive an award next year.

Marcelo Assunção (Icatu Hartford): Without doubt, a special moment at the conference. You can all be sure that Brazil will do its best to always be one of the laureates.

What would you like to say to colleagues around the world who have never attended a Network Conference?

Daniel Cassieri (Galicia Seguros):
The Network Conference offers an excellent opportunity to expand existing business and obtain new business prospects.

Dana Vásquez (Aseguradora Mundial):
The Network Conference is an ideal opportunity to learn more about international employee benefit solutions in the different regions, and the needs of customers and brokers. In addition, we learned how important it is for us to be more involved in all the procedures. The more we know how everything works, the more opportunities we have with new clients.

Marcelo Assunção (Icatu Hartford):
Do not miss this great event! Your networking capabilities will be improved through many opportunities during the Conference.