Helsana Insurance has recently launched Helsana Business Salary XL, a new type of salary continuation insurance aimed at financially strong companies wishing to determine exactly how much insured risk to retain.
Companies in Switzerland are obliged by law to continue salary payments for a certain period of time to employees who are absent due to illness. Until now, companies had only two ways to handle the risks resulting from this: they could either transfer the risk in part or in full to a classical salary continuation insurance plan (with a flexible waiting period), or take on the entire risk themselves.

Profit from additional benefits and advantages
With Helsana’s new Business Salary XL insurance, companies can now carry a major portion of the salary continuation risk while offering their employees additional protection (such as support during long-term absence) and taking advantage of simplified claims management. This means that for absences of less than 30 days due to illness, the employer simply sends a monthly collective declaration to Helsana. In addition, Helsana offers several valuable extra services free of charge: online claims notification, online salary declarations, absence management, and workplace health promotion schemes.

Customised for every client
Helsana Business Salary XL is neither a classic daily benefits insurance nor a pure stop loss product (which would cap the amount per calendar year retained by the company). Since Helsana Business Salary XL is individually constructed for each company, clients receive expert advice during the set-up phase, ensuring that their new plan meets their needs exactly.

Helsana Business Salary XL grants true flexibility to financially strong companies: you can freely decide exactly how much risk your company wishes to retain, without being bound to a pre-defined amount, and set much higher self-retention levels than with a traditional plan. At the same time, both employer and employees profit from the many advantages of having an insured plan, and enjoy valuable additional benefits.

For more information please visit www.helsana.ch