The Swiss Life Network ran a client satisfaction survey this summer that achieved an exceptionally high participation rate of close to 50%. The survey was designed to measure our business partners’ satisfaction with our sales executives, products and services; to find out how the Swiss Life Network is perceived by business partners; and to identify needs and expectations for the future.
Target group and methodology
Targeting existing and potential international clients, as well as international brokers and consultants, telephone interviews took place in English, French and German during June and July 2010. The work was carried out by an independent Swiss market research firm. After contacting 444 companies in total, 214 interviews took place, delivering an excellent participation rate of 48% and thus a very high level of credibility for the results.

Perceived as a high-quality, reliable and trustworthy provider

The survey revealed that the Swiss Life Network is considered to be a high-quality, reliable and trustworthy partner. Furthermore, our “Swiss” characteristics, such as stability, security, sustainability, high-quality service, and reliability, are clearly valued.

Appreciation for one point of contact, multilingual support, and global reach
Clients awarded us high satisfaction ratings for offering one contact person for all requests and enquiries, and are pleased with the services of a multilingual team. We also received good ratings for our global presence. This is particularly satisfying since our 2005 survey showed some disappointment with the Network’s geographic coverage, which led us to add new countries during the past few years.

The International P/Loss Account is valued

Our international profit and loss accounts are seen as transparent, understandable, timely and comprehensive, and received higher ratings in 2010 than in 2005. We believe this reflects the new features introduced in recent years, including faster delivery and more transparency and detail.

Highly rated Employee Benefits Reference Manual (EBRM)
The EBRM takes a great deal of time and effort to produce, so we are pleased to see that it is greatly valued and regarded as easy to understand, sufficiently detailed, and published as often as required.

High satisfaction with sales executives
Our business depends on building and maintaining strong, long-term relationships. The survey showed high satisfaction with our sales executives, particularly regarding their availability and reliability.

We know there is room for improvement
Naturally, the survey has also showed areas where the Swiss Life Network needs to improve in order to serve our clients better:

- Focus on increasing flexibility and competitiveness
Our clients are looking for more flexibility and competitiveness from us when it comes to products and solutions. Our new expat product is a move in the right direction, but we know we need to do more.
- Enhance innovation and creativity
The survey revealed that we need to improve our innovation and creativity in terms of products and services.
- Provide more proactive information and constructive solution proposals
Despite high levels of satisfaction with our sales executives, our clients want more proactive information about changes in the employee benefits market, as well as more constructive solutions.

Having identified these areas needing improvement, we are now taking steps to respond. Some aspects can be addressed relatively quickly, others will require more fundamental action and investment, and we are currently defining exactly what we need to do.

We have listened to what our clients have to say, and are now reacting constructively. Thank you to all the clients and the financial intermediaries who participated in the survey. We are looking forward to reporting on the next steps as we respond.