Zwitserleven has worked hard to improve customer satisfaction over the past few years, and is now proud to have been rewarded by achieving second place in the Incompany 100 Research poll.
This annual research project measures client satisfaction levels among individual clients and corporate decision-makers in the Netherlands. The second place position is based on the overall score; in group business, Zwitserleven gained first place.

The level of service Zwitserleven offers its clients is generally of a uniformly high quality. The company’s knowhow, overall service and results gained Zwitserleven its second place. When it comes to communication, reliability and speed of work, Zwitserleven showed strong improvement over its 2005 results.

“We are pleased with our scores in the Incompany 100 Research, but the 2006 scores will not be good enough for second place in 2008. We intend to continue working to improve client satisfaction in the future,” said Rolf van Woerkom, Chief Marketing Officer of Zwitserleven.

Earlier this year, Motivaction Research polled Dutch pension and actuarial consultants and awarded top position to Zwitserleven.