Continuing the recent theme of levels of sporting excellence within the Network, we are pleased to report on the efforts of our UK Network Partner, UnumProvident, whose employees embark on an annual effort to raise funds for charity. For the past few years this has taken the form of “Le Jo’g”, a 1,028 mile relay race from John O´Groats to Land’s End – commonly regarded as the two most extreme points on the UK mainland.
Employees within the organisation form teams of up to ten members, with each team taking responsibility for a stage of approximately 70 miles. The event takes two weeks to complete, and as well as being an important team-building exercise, aims to raise GBP 20,000 for SeeAbility, a UK-based charity working to enable blind and partially-sighted people achieve personal goals and improve their quality of life.

As if running the entire length of the United Kingdom was not enough of a challenge, this year teams also had responsibility for operating a tandem bicycle carrying Ivan Storey. Ivan is visually impaired, and is a service user of SeeAbility in the UK, and has long harboured a personal goal of cycling the length of the UK. With the help of UnumProvident Ivan was at last able to realise his dreams.

The initiative is supported throughout the company, with employees given the day off from work to participate and the management team actively involved in the run itself. Indeed, Susan Ring, Chairman and Managing Director of UnumProvident in the United Kingdom, is pictured on the far left in the photograph, alongside her colleagues and a team of employees who all ran the final stage to Lands End.

This year’s run was a great success and the Swiss Life Network is proud to have sponsored the employees of UnumProvident and supported their efforts.