Fort Dearborn Life has launched a new online beneficiary management service that allows employees to make their group life insurance beneficiary designations quickly and securely without completing a paper form. Online beneficiary management is available to groups with 500 or more employees.
Online beneficiary management offers employers a well-organised management system that provides clear-cut, secure records of employee beneficiary designations, and lowers costs by eliminating paper.

Employees can make beneficiary designations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The designations are effective immediately, and updates can be made at any time. An online record of the employee’s designations is created, which can be printed out and stored with their other important records.

Fort Dearborn Life creates new brand name

Beginning January 1, 2010, Fort Dearborn Life will market their products and services under a new brand name: Dearborn National. Fort Dearborn Life created the name in a new marketing effort to put the spotlight on their approach to doing business, summed up their new tagline: Strength, Independence, and Solutions.

Strength: Strong and capable of fulfilling their promises.
Independence: As a privately-held company, the focus is on doing the right thing in their business relationships rather than focusing the obligations of Wall Street.
Solutions: Big-company solutions are provided with a small-company touch.

“Our tagline is reflective of the core values that set us apart in the market,” said President and CEO, Anthony F. Trani. “Up to now, we’ve not told our full story; now we want to call attention to our values as our way of doing business.”

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