Seguros Comerciales Bolivar is currently introducing medical insurance to the Venezuelan market. Powered by the experience of part-owner Grupo Bolivar of Colombia, the new coverage is designed to satisfy the needs of international corporations, and includes many special features.
The new medical product not only offers traditional coverages for medical situations, but also includes many additional benefits to meet client needs. These include:
- AIDS treatments
- radio- and chemotherapy
- dialysis
- dental care at home
- nursing services
- medical emergency transportation
- prescriptions(in- and outside hospital)
- orthopaedic prostheses
- equipment rental
- same-day surgery
- 24-hour service
- at home hospitalisation
- worldwide coverage

Group medical plans can be pooled.

Broad product range
The new group medical plans join Seguros Bolivar’s sophisticated range of products for multinational clients:
- group life
- group medical (new)
- medical aid insurance with worldwide coverage (group only)
- disability pension and lump sum (riders)
- accidental death and dismemberment
- funeral expenses and burial insurance

These products are distributed through brokers and the company’s own sales force around the country, and Seguros Bolivar makes a point of being ready at all times to adapt its products and services to client needs.