Network Partner Wiener Städtische officially changed its name on June 8, 2006, to: Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group. The new name reflects the increasing international orientation and importance of Wiener Städtische.
Vienna Insurance Group is the leading Austrian insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe. In Austria Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group is also majority shareholder of several other insurance companies.

Wiener Städtische pioneers introduction of lower premiums for women
As one of Austria’s leading health insurers, Wiener Städtische is now pioneering lower premiums for women with the introduction of its new TOP MED plan.

Developed in response to proposed new EU regulations on equal treatment due to come into force in December 2007, TOP MED shares the “birth” risk between men and women, and can lead to significant reductions of up to 20% of premiums for women.

The new plan includes payments for second opinions regarding operations. On signing the contract, insureds can select a one-off smoking cure, nutritional advice or traditional Chinese medicine consultation. Individuals living in the same household receive a 5% reduction on premiums, and children’s premiums have been significantly reduced. TOP MED is available in a variety of packages, all of which include European coverage.

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