The success of Swiss Life as a leading provider of comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions hinges on the professionalism and engagement of its employees. That is why Swiss Life aims to attract talented people, retain them and continuously support their development.

Thanks to its competitive working conditions and a modern working environment, Swiss Life is seen as an attractive employer not only by potential employees but also by current ones. All processes, measures and initiatives of Human Resources are dedicated to ensuring the success of the employees, the ultimate aim being to secure an even more successful future for Swiss Life.

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Sustainability targets

Swiss Life has set out clear goals for making progress in the area of sustainability.


Employee Leadership and Communication

The Swiss Life corporate culture gives employees plenty of scope to take responsibility. By delegating competencies and responsibilities to employees, managers not only foster their innovation and potential for independent action but also express respect and appreciation. Employees value the trust placed in them, as evidenced for example by the high engagement score. As a basis for successful leadership and communication, Swiss Life has established behavioural principles applicable throughout the Group that serve as a formal framework.


Diversity and Inclusion

At Swiss Life, diversity and inclusion mean that all employees have the same opportunities, basedon their different abilities and potential. An open sense of togetherness – based on mutualrespect and tolerance, and across linguistic, cultural and national borders – is fundamental tothis. Different perspectives and approaches, experiences, ideas and abilities lead to innovation,quality and improved performance, and ensure the long-term success of Swiss Life. Ultimately, apositive experience in an attractive working environment is crucial when competing for qualifiedprofessionals.


Health and Safety

Swiss Life aims to offer its employees a safe and healthy working environment. Good workingconditions have a crucial influence on employees’ health. Swiss Life therefore attaches greatimportance to a holistic approach to work structuring and variety of tasks. Furthermore, it promotessocial interaction and autonomy, and offers professional scope as well as learning anddevelopment opportunities. The aim is always to ensure that employees’ work is meaningful andto show them appreciation.

Social Partnership

The employee-employer relationship at Swiss Life is characterised by close contact betweenemployee representatives and the Corporate Executive Board. Since 1996, Swiss Life has hada European Works Council (pursuant to EU Directives 94/45/EC and 2009/38/EC). The tenpersonEuropa Forum, a committee comprising delegates from four countries, meets regularlywith representatives of the Corporate Executive Board at ordinary and extraordinarymeetings.

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