Contrasts are key

2017 production year | Awards: World Media Festival 2018 intermedia-globe Gold, SVIK 2018 Goldene Feder, 3. Platz an den europäischen FEIEA Awards

For Karl Betschart, Head of Private Client brokers, further training has played an important part throughout his entire professional development. From his apprenticeship in electronics to his further training in technical business administration, a diploma in sales management at the University of St. Gallen at 30 and studying business administration with a speciality in marketing just before turning 40. “Then just last year, at the age of 54, I managed to become Swiss certified as a financial expert for SMEs.”

With all that intellectual labour, Betschart needs a proper balance in his private life, and tunes out in natural surroundings. “I look for out-of-the-way places where I can recharge my batteries”, Betschart says. Furthermore, he may be taking a longer time-out in the near future. “I really appreciate the new time-out models and could easily imagine taking a sabbatical.”